Koinonia Fellowship is a Christian campus group at the University of Washington. Here at Koinonia Fellowship, you will find our members coming from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. So what is koinonia? Koinonia is Greek for "Christian fellowship," and sure enough we do a lot of that, through playing sports together, eating together, and of course, studying the Bible together.

Koinonia Fellowship is not a club just for Christians. In fact, Koinonia Fellowship is full of people who simply want to find out about Christianity or to discuss profound life issues. You will find an atmosphere that welcomes questions and open discussion. We invite you to come join us for our weekly Friday Night Bible Studies (FNBS), which feature the Word of God, music, drama, multimedia presentations, games, and great food! Afterwards, you will meet not only other new students, but also many friendly upperclassman eager to offer you their own personal "survival tips" for safely navigating through life at the UW.